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Matthew 28
posted August 9, 2012

Revelation 13
posted August 16, 2012

FIFTY YEARS AGO, Ed started the radio broadcast ministry as a result of a sermon he preached one morning. He told the congregation to go home and pray for something impossible. For his prayer, Ed prayed for a nation-wide radio ministry.

Shortly after that his prayers began to be answered when he started on WCKY in Cincinnati. In 1962 he started the GOD IS JUST A PRAYER AWAY radio ministry. See the Radio Schedule for the times and locations of the 10 broadcasts that are heard each Sunday here in the US. In 1984 he started the PREACHING CHRIST TV program. PREACHING CHRIST TV was seen mainly on satellite all of North America and parts of Alaska and South America. This is no longer active but you can see all of the TV broadcasts just click on VIDEO.
In September 1997, we started on Shortwave Radio--Bible Voice Europe, reaching all countries throughout Europe including Russia. In November 1997 he began Shortwave Radio Africa reaching over 140 million English-speaking people in three former British Colonies: Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroons. Beginning June 1999 we started broadcasting in to India by the SUPER-POWER Radio Sri Lanka°™the Giant of Asia. This shortwave broadcast reaches India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the local language is English reaching out to over one billion. Excess funds from the The Preaching Christ TV Ministry made it possible in April 2003 to begin broadcasting into Western Russia, Estonia, latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Bulgaria by means of the the powerful 100,000 watt transmitter--Bible Voice Russia.
Truly God is able to bring things about which we think are impossble.