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Matthew 28
posted August 9, 2012

Revelation 13
posted August 16, 2012

What Think Ye, That He Will Come To The Feast?


John 11:56

What think ye? That He will not come to the feast? After the resurrection of Lazarus the chief priest decided to kill Jesus. Jesus withdrew into the country to await the moment when it could be said His hour had come. When the time for the final Passover had come many of the Jews went to Jerusalem to purify themselves. As they waited for the big day they began to look for Jesus. It was then that they asked that question, “What think ye that He will not come to the feast?”

There was nothing more certain than the fact that Jesus would be there for this Passover. He had been present at the institution of the first Passover in the Book of Exodus. It was there that the Israelites were told to slay a lamb for each family and strike the blood on the side posts and the upper doorpost of each home. God said, “I will passover the land and slay the first born of every family in Egypt and when I see the blood I will passover you.”

Now the time has come when the last Passover will take place. That is why that Passover is called the Last Supper. So the question was asked, “What think ye that He will not come to the feast?” There was no way Jesus would miss that feast. He, Himself, was to be the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world.

After He observed that feast in preparation for the slaying of the Lamb of God, it was at that time that He instituted the Lord’s Supper. He has commanded the Christians to observe that memorial feast remembering that when the Lord returns in judgment, He will see the blood on the door of the Church of Christ and Passover them. So it is still a good question. Every week as we look forward to the coming of the Lord’s Day, we cannot help but wonder about a great percentage of the membership of our congregation, “What think ye, that they will not come to the feast?” It is a sad situation. Many will not come to the feast for the celebration of the slaying of the Lamb of God who died to save us.

There is no way the Lord Jesus Christ would let anything keep Him from the attendance at the feast. What think ye that He will not come to the feast? All things are ready come to the feast!-Come for the table now is spread-Ye famishing, ye weary come,-and thou shalt be richly fed.