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Matthew 28
posted August 9, 2012

Revelation 13
posted August 16, 2012




On the basis that some think that the Church at Troas observed the Lord's Supper on Saturday night using the Jewish method of keeping time—the day beginning at six PM—some Churches of Christ are celebrating Saturday night Communion and others are testing the waters. Without getting into the question of when Sunday was or wasn't at that time, the fact is there is no way anyone can take the Lord's Supper on Saturday night at this time and say they are taking it on Sunday morning. Saturday is the seventh day of the week and Sunday is the first day of the week. You don't live in Troas, you live in the United States of America and if you don't know the difference between Saturday and Sunday you really do have a problem.

No day has more than 24 hours. If Sunday morning begins on Saturday night, then Monday morning begins on Sunday night. The problem is, if those who observe the Lord's Supper on Saturday night are observing it on Sunday morning, then those poor deceived people who have been observing it on Sunday night for many years have been observing it on Monday morning, since a day cannot have more than 24 hours.

Of course, the problem is solved for some by how they feel about it. If you feel in your heart that Saturday night is Sunday morning and that Monday morning is Sunday night, you have no spiritual problem, but you do have a mental problem. And of course that being the case you have nothing to worry about. God will take care of you. Anytime in that 30 hour time span—6:00 PM Saturday until Midnight Sunday—is the first day of the week mentioned in Acts 20:7.

Especially is this true if you consult the N.O.L.V Bible. The N.O.L.V. is the NEW OUT TO LUNCH VERSION. The N.O.L.V. is the favorite version of those who observe the Lord's Supper on Saturday night and call it Sunday morning.

PS According to the above: Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is the only day in the week that has 30 hours.

Another thought:  If those wanting to observe the Jewish time (that Sunday begins at sundown on Saturday) why don’t they observe all of the Jewish Laws?